Amy Sayre Photography | About Me

I could describe myself and my photography style in a few paragraphs, or I could give you a bunch of random facts.

Let's go with random facts.

One of my first jobs was at an old school
photo lab. I used to stand behind
a printer for hours and look at photos
of other people’s memories.
It was the best job.


Instagram is by far my
favorite form of social media.

You can find my Instagram stream here.


My husband Mike and I got married in October 2012. We met at work in 2006, dated secretly for a year and three months, dated openly for 3 years and got engaged in February 2010. We then realized how much we hated the word fiancé.


Aside from photography, I am really
passionate about animals, specifically
those sitting at the pound hoping to bust out.
My dog, Taylor, was six minutes away
from being put down when he was rescued.
I am committed to helping Chicago area
rescues continue to save dogs like Taylor,
so I donate money and my photography
whenever I can. In 2013, my husband and I
took in 5 foster dogs and I look forward
to doing it again.



I sat for Sears portraits in 2009.
My mom wanted family portraits,
so we obliged. My entire family,
all 8 of us, fit on a tiny sled,
beating the previous record
which was held by a family of five.


Breakfast food is my favorite kind of food.
I want to eat breakfast all day, every day.
Give me an omelet with a side of bacon,
a cinnamon roll with a fruit salad
or bagels and lox with some crispy new potatoes.
I do not care. You're totally hungry now, aren't you?


I love to travel. I got engaged in New Orleans (pictured below), so I think that wins as my favorite U.S. travel story, and the week that Mike and I spent in Panama on our honeymoon ranks high on my list of favorite international vacations. Also up there, the two weeks I spent in Morocco with a handful of girlfriends.



If you come to my house, I will offer you red wine first. I prefer red, but will probably have a bottle of white chilling in the fridge too.
Mike bought me my first DSLR in 2007, and
I then began taking way too many pictures
of him and our cats.
He instantly regretted this purchase,
but that Nikon D60 is what started this business.



I became a mom in July 2014 and my son, Timothy, then quickly became my favorite photo subject. I filled up my iPhone's storage capacity in less than a month.