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On Taking a Break, But Not Really

April 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

I have been absent from these parts. There are reasons though. Many reasons. Call that photo above foreshadowing.

But before get to that, let me just say a few things. First, last year was amazing. The best my little business has ever done (just ask Uncle Sam, who's probably happy with his cut this year). As great as it was though, I kind of crashed and burned around the start of the year. I had very little down time or days off between mid-August and the end of the year, and by the time 2014 rolled around, my brain was mush. I didn't want to touch anything Amy Sayre Photography related because I finally didn't have to. I love my business, and I'm incredibly proud of all the work I put into it, but my motivation and creativity was kaput. So I allowed myself to back away.

I didn't work on my marketing materials, I didn't blog, I barely found the motivation to archive and back up all my 2013 shoots. But I take preserving my clients memories very seriously, so I did manage to do that. I allowed myself the time and space to relax and do things I wanted to do - not felt like I needed to do. I finally watched Breaking Bad. (You guys, it was so good. Please email if you would like to discuss Breaking Bad. I need to talk about this show.)

The weather didn't help much either. Polar vortex and what not. I mean, who wants to shoot photos when it's -15 and there are 2 feet of snow on the ground. Certainly not this girl. The only member of my family that enjoyed this winter was my dog Taylor, whom I am convinced now more than ever is part sasquatch.

snow dogmichigan snow dog But there were other reasons too - reasons bigger than exhaustion and weather.

I'm pregnant. (Squee!!!) And my husband and I just bought a house. (Double squee!!!)

This photo should make a bit more sense now.

That onesie, which says "Mom My Shoots People" (thanks Wendy!), is hanging in the soon-to-be nursery of my new home.

In an ironic twist of fate, I actually found out I was pregnant right after my last family photo session of 2013. I bought a pregnancy test on my way home from that shoot, and much to my and my husband's surprise, it came back positive. Well both tests did. I took two because I was kind of in shock. Still am on occasion.

Making room for this baby in our home, hearts and minds took center stage and a lot of other things kind of fell to the wayside. My photography business was definitely one of them. House hunting was on the forefront of our minds, and thankfully, after months and months of scouring every listing on Redfin, too many showings to count and more rejected offers than I thought we'd see, we found our house. It's a beautiful old bungalow in the city of Chicago that while not perfect (think small outdated kitchen, awkward stairs, small master bedroom) holds so much character (original woodwork from 1918!) and potential (unfinished attic space and a giant unfinished basement). We closed on the house on April 7 and have already taken a few carloads of our stuff over. We also have met our neighbors, and I could not be happier to be joining this neighborhood officially in May.

In short, lots of things are happening.

So what does this all mean for Amy Sayre Photography?

Well first, expect this blog and my Facebook page to be flooded with pictures of my son and my son and dog come July (my official due date is July 5). I cannot even wait for all the cute baby and dog photos. Babies and dogs!!!

The second thing this means is that my availability through the end of July will be seriously limited. Between moving, home improvements, my full-time job, baby showers, baby classes and then actually having a baby, the time I have available for shoots is in short supply. Very short. If you are wanting to book a shoot with me anytime this spring or summer, I would recommend contacting me sooner rather than later. I plan on taking June and July off completely and we'll see how August goes. As with all things baby-related to this point, I am taking a "We'll play it by ear" approach. I do not know how much time I'll have for shoots in general once this little nugget enters my life. If I am to believe my friends who are already moms (and I do), I hear babies are a lot of work. 

This is not my swan song. Amy Sayre Photography is sticking around, but I ask for a little patience and understanding as I try to navigate through this new chapter of my life, especially when it comes to my schedule. And above all else, I hope you will tolerate (maybe appreciate) all of the cute photos of my child that I am about to unleash into the world. There's a good chance that it will take my son months to figure out that his mom is not actually a Nikon D600. We'll both be learning a lot these first few months of his life. I hope you'll stick around and enjoy my stories and photos about it all.


Can't wait for the cute photos! Love that the onsie is hanging up already :)
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