Amy Sayre Photography | FAQs

You might have questions. And I think these might be some of them.

What should I and my family wear for photos?

Believe it or not, I've never had a photo shoot ruined because someone showed up in an ugly red shirt. I truly believe your family's expression, not clothing, makes your photos. That being said, there are ways to compliment one another without looking like a white-shirted cult. Click here for my suggestions.

What kind of camera do you use?

I am a Nikon girl who relies on her D600, D300s, a collection of prime lenses, and when necessary, a reflector or a flash.

How did you get started in photography?

One of my first jobs was at an old school photo lab in high school. From there, I studied journalism for my undergrad degree which included a few photography classes. Everything else I have learned through the internet and trial and error. I started taking pictures for other people in 2009, and I am continually amazed and humbled by the people I get to meet and the moments they allow me to capture.

Will you put my baby in a basket? (also see: do you have a lot of cute newborn hats?)

No. I will not put your baby in a basket. With one very important exception. If you have a basket in your home that is the very same basket that your grandmother came home from the hospital in then yes, I will absolutely put your baby in that basket. The thing is, I think the things in your photos should have meaning - they shouldn't just be things. That's why if I show up to your house for a shoot, I will not be carrying a basket, scale, funny hats, tutus, etc. Trust me, the things you already have in your home are good enough.

When should we do photos?

Light will forever and always be best at dawn and dusk. On overcast days or indoors, however, sun is less of a factor. It's rare that I usually have more than one shoot a day, so I try not to schedule the time of your shoot until a week or so before. All that being said, if your child is only ever happy between the hours of 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., then I will make it work. Whenever your child is happy will always be the best time to shoot.

Where should we go?

I've had shoots in the following places and have loved them all: Millennium Park, Grant Park, The Loop, Montrose Harbor,  Winnemac Park, Wells Park, Cook County Forest Preserve, North Pond and the Lincoln Park Zoo. They are all great for their own reasons. Another great place? Your home. No, seriously. I think photos of families in their homes are not only beautiful, but also some of the most memorable.

What should we do?

Play on a jungle gym. Bake cookies. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Build a sand castle. Build a snowman. Fly kites. Go fishing. Or whatever else you and your family like to do. Most importantly, you should relax and have fun. That's all you need to worry about. I will worry about everything else.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely! As the owner of one dog and two cats, I can say my pets are my family, so I'd want them in my pictures. And you know what? I won't even charge you extra for them. I love photographing families with their pets.

Why are photos so expensive?

Gone are the days of lab fees and developing fees. However, also gone are the days when a photographer would take photos and hand over a film cartridge for processing to someone else.  While I use the latest and greatest in photo management and editing software, I use it. So while you might only see me for a couple hours during your shoot, I spend plenty of time behind the scenes culling, editing and organizing your photos for viewing. And if I have enough time, I might even feature your photos in a blog post.

Are you making me buy prints?

I believe you are probably like me. You take a million photos. You load them on your computer and if they are really lucky, they make it as the desktop image on your computer. As a photographer, part of my job is to show you what your photos should look like and how great they can look hanging on your walls. Plus, I believe that you and your family deserve to see a daily reminder of how amazing and wonderful you all are, and I think that is better achieved with a large, matted and framed professional print than it is an iPhone background. So to answer your question, no, I will not make you buy prints. But I am sure going to try.

I didn't know I had so many questions.

Me neither. But I hope I've answered them well enough for you. If not, drop me a line at