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I know what you are thinking.

"Yeah, those kids in your portfolio are cute, but you haven't met my kids. My kids are such a handful."

What to know a secret? All kids are.

I cannot think of a single shoot that has gone as planned. Most kids only want to do what they want to do, and what they want to do rarely ever is sit still and smile for the camera.

Most kids cry at some point during their session.

Actually, I take that back.

All kids cry. I cannot remember a shoot I've had that has not included at least a few tears.

Kids do whatever they want to do. Like steal their dad's sunglasses.

Or pull their dad's hair.

Or dance around in their underwear.


Babies spit up.

They sometimes even flip me off.

Sometimes kids flip me off

Sometimes brothers steal things from their sisters.

Sometimes the dog licks the baby.

And I always joke that all kids come with an innate sense to turn their back to my camera.

I assure you that your kid(s) will do the same things and more. But I also assure you that it's OK, and that amongst the fits and tears and back-facing shots, I will get some amazing images of you and your kids looking like the "perfect" family you are.

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